The Short Stories for Busy Bookworms podcast features mixed genre short stories written and narrated by Jamie Gregory. If you love reading but can’t find the time to squeeze it into your busy life, this is the podcast for you. Chances are, you have several partially read books lying around collecting dust. But have no fear, short stories are here. If you have 10-15 minutes to spare you can listen to one of Jamie’s tales and transport yourself into another world. Folding a load of laundry? Listen to a story. Driving to work? Listen to a story. After all, life is too short for a long story.

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S1 E9: A Tale of Two Floods (A Historical Fiction Short Story) Short Stories for Busy Bookworms

Rookie Red Cross nurse, Mary Milhous, is dispatched to Greenville, Mississippi from New York City to assist with relief efforts amid the nation's greatest natural disaster, the 1927 flood of the Mississippi River. Genre categories: Fiction, historical fiction. Discover more of Jamie's writing at: https://jamie-gregory.com/ Follow Jamie on Twitter: @jamielgregory — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/shortstoriesbusybookworms/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/shortstoriesbusybookworms/support
  1. S1 E9: A Tale of Two Floods (A Historical Fiction Short Story)
  2. S1 E8: Robots Are Companions Too (A Suspenseful Comedy Short Story)
  3. S1 E7: The Sun Came Out at Night (A Historical Fiction Short Story)
  4. S1 E6: The Gift of a Fresh Start (A Suspenseful Short Story)
  5. S1 E5: Debut Under the Big Top (A Historical Fiction Short Story)
  6. S1 E4: Helper of Mankind (A Dystopian Short Story)
  7. S1 E3: Shoot Past the Moon (A Coming of Age Short Story)
  8. S1 E2: Bangs vs Mullets (A Romantic Comedy Short Story)
  9. S1 E1: The Mountains are Calling (A Suspenseful Short Story)
  10. Coming Soon: Season 1 of Short Stories for Busy Bookworms

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