About Jamie

Jamie Gregory, born and raised in Ohio, is a stay-at-home mom by day and a creator by night. She’s enjoyed reading, writing, and a plethora of other creative endeavors since childhood. 

After a five-year stint as a high school agricultural science teacher, she spent another seven years working in a software startup where she focused primarily on B2B marketing and company culture. 

She’s dabbled in a variety of writing forms over the years and has what could possibly be her debut novel draft collecting dust in the recesses of her computer. She’s currently seeking refuge in writing short stories as a way to cope with the challenges of being a special-needs parent. 

When she’s not writing, she can be found trail running, guzzling copious amounts of coffee, geeking out about Autism, running an Etsy shop side hustle, and enjoying time with her four-year-old twin boys and her high school sweetheart husband.

Listen to Jamie’s interview on the Read Lots Write Lots podcast.

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